It’s Time to Let Go

January 20th 2020 is the day that President Donald Trump became former President Donald Trump. This same day should’ve been when the “New Right” said thank you and farewell to the former President. Going back for a moment to 2016, President Trump was far and away the only figure who could have brought about the political realignment in the United States. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush certainly were not going to challenge conventional Republican orthodoxy on matters such as relationships with business groups like the U.S Chamber of Commerce and the culture war. Due to Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the reigning conservative establishment, he got elected into the White House in 2016. That rhetoric never translated into actual policy like it was supposed to. Campaign talk of jobs and the economy led to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which ended up being written by a Goldman Sachs executive that resulted in more jobs offshored in Donald Trump’s first term than during President Obama’s first term. All the talk of fixing immigration got us a half-finished border wall with no action taken on work visas or birthright citizenship. The failures and letdowns of the Trump administration came in handfuls, and that is exactly why the emerging “New Right” needs to move past the President Trump. 

Since leaving office, President Trump has continued to share his thoughts on current events through his infamous press releases from “The Office of the 45th President” and his Save America PAC. These press releases have included endorsements that appease the RNC more than Trump voters and the continuation of the “election was rigged” talking points. Legitimate concerns of possible election wrongdoing aside, his claims of a completely stolen election without much overarching evidence reeks of desperation. Naturally, the President is entitled to his own beliefs, but that does not mean they should not receive pushback. The best thing for the former President to do is to support legitimate legislation in state legislatures, such as what we have recently seen in Georgia. As for the right, we must accept that President Trump’s unabating comments simply aren’t worth our time, sweat, and blood any longer.

The former President’s incompetence during his time in office should have been the first alarm bells signaling that something was going wrong. When Donald Trump came down the golden escalator in New York City, he hit the ground running as a bold and brash figure that was going to reset Republican orthodoxy. Sadly, he fell short, by a mile. Talk is cheap, especially in politics, and that saying applies to no one better than the President Trump. As mentioned earlier, his landmark legislative achievement was written by investment bankers. Other major policy decisions were outsourced to incompetent staff that had more in common with the ideas of George W. Bush rather than Donald J. Trump. His lack of ideologically aligned staff, the inability to effectively use power, and his overall carefree attitude towards serious policy making should be sufficient reasons for the New Right to abandon him for a serious leader. 

The mistakes made during the Trump administration led us to this point. Many people will always support & love the former President, that is just how politics go. However, it is becoming increasingly likely that members of the New Right must speak pejoratively about the former President in order to lift the veil that is clouding his current supporters. Of course, there are some counter points to saying that Trump was not a good president, but they most definitely do not outweigh all of the failures. The sentiment that needs to be spread by people who align themselves with the New Right is that while Donald Trump brought about the political reformation we are seeing play out today, he is not the man to continue it. We need a leader who can not only combat media bias effectively, but who can also transfer their rhetoric into policy for the American people.

Who is the leader going forward? It could be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, it could be Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, or it could be a dark horse candidate who has yet to emerge. We don’t know who the next man up is, but one thing is clear: it must not be Donald Trump. The New Right must move forward with creating policy solutions targeted towards the middle and the working classes that address the serious faults in our country. Going down this path does not include President Trump. It is time to let go.