The Left’s Empty Rebellion

This article was originally published on New Age Conservative as ‘The Ballad of the Rebel™ : The Left’s Empty Rebellion’.

You are all probably familiar with “The Resistance” by now, a loosely defined movement referring to those in opposition to the Trump Presidency. The idea brings to mind a rag-tag band of true believers righteously battling an oppressive system, but I am here to demonstrate how ironic that name, and idea are for the Left. They are anything but rebels. They’re more the Ground Infantry of the establishment than anything else. Those on the Left that identified with the “Resistance”, or believed to be rebels to some degree under Trump, painted themselves regularly as a political movement that the establishment did not want to succeed. In reality, their numerous big-name backers and the countless corporations that have come out in support of the Left’s causes, demonstrate the massive grip the Left has on the institutions of society.

During the Trump Presidency, the rhetoric coming from the Left focused on how Trump was an oppressive megalomaniac. They made him out to be the undisputed, tyrannical, and absolute monarch of the American state. Thus, with his election, came the formation of “The Resistance.” Vague by design, the name was meant to corral as many people as possible that were vaguely anti-Trump, into the appearance of a mass rebellion movement. It was meant to draw a clear line between the oppressors and the oppressed, a theme common in postmodern Leftism, born in principle from the writings of Marx, with different constituent elements replacing the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

Because of the proliferation of postmodern Leftism, society’s sensibilities often romanticize the rebel. No doubt, it is a downstream byproduct of the hippie movement – considering those who indulged that culture are now in power. Now, the rebel is seen by the wider population as a universal aspiration. Both the Left and the Right utilize rebel images, fighting differently defined oppressive systems. The difference lies in whether or not those conceptions of oppressive apparatuses are valid. One is not.

Let us explore where power in the United States truly originates. This rebel complex demonstrated by the Left relies on a very archaic interpretation of the center of power, that being that it is primarily expressed through the state. They rarely claim that corporations make any illiberal social impact on the modern culture of the United States, yet the truth is corporations do exactly the opposite. They push an explicitly Leftist agenda. This brings us back to where the center of power lies in America. No Leftist would claim that big money does not have a heavy hand in politics, but they would dispute which team they are batting for. The center of power in America, and most of the West, lies in money and the political expression of money. Oswald Spengler pointed this out in the 1920s in his seminal work, The Decline of the West, and its words have never been more prophetic. Corporations and non-governmental organizations not only express their power through the state via large donations but also exact their will directly into the social fabric of the nation.

Take Black Lives Matter (BLM), for example. Amazon, Microsoft, and countless other corporations donated inordinate sums of money to BLM, explicitly Leftist by the organization’s admission. The Open Society Foundation, a venture of the billionaire George Soros, who has a long history of supporting the Left’s causes, had a dramatic increase in spending in the fiscal year of 2020. BLM in total raised an astronomical 90 million dollars in 2020 alone. Virtually all major corporations in America have expressed support for Black Lives Matter. This is not insignificant. These voices hold weight, and with a monstrous media machine to boot, their message is broadcast into the homes of every American.

Social Media, “the new town square”, is granted the power to directly control the conversation by many of us. Like, Amazon and Microsoft, they have unanimously expressed support for the Left’s causes. By the result of big money alone, the people were led to believe that not supporting BLM is tantamount to heresy in the eyes of the ever-ambiguous conception of modern “morality.” You are not a good person if you don’t support BLM. You are not an ally. You are not worth anyone’s time or sympathy. You are the outcast. Through this alone, we can see that this rebel complex the modern Left has is quite silly. Corporate America, on the whole, has championed Leftist causes constantly, and it shows no signs of stopping. The interesting part is that Leftists don’t even try to think about this, lest cognitive dissonance shut down their worldview. In reality, those with an ear to the ground of Leftist politics know that they don’t mind the big-money support even if it conflicts with their principles. Who wouldn’t want a virtually ubiquitous corporate apparatus of commerce, media, and discourse to bat for their team? I know as a conservative, I’d want one.

This rebel complex serves a very important purpose in giving the Left its power on the ground and elsewhere. As Americans and, by necessity, children of the Enlightenment’s conception of liberty, people are naturally driven to rebellious causes because of our predispositions. They’re romantic. They call upon, in some superficial way, the good fight of our ancestors. Rebellion is the purest manifestation of the individual, to be but one unique person with ideas in hand wielded as weapons against all that oppresses and controls. It’s hard in America to debate on the side of the supposed “oppressor” because doing so would be a betrayal of those cherished principles of our nation’s birth. This rebel complex of the Left provides fearsome durability against criticism from other groups and has contributed to its backing from larger interests that want to be “on the right side of history,” so it has been said.

The power of these simplistic implications that come with being a “rebel” is nothing to scoff at. Any opposition to the movement that brands itself as a rebellion would naturally fall on the side of the oppressor by necessity, making debate and any meaningful opposition seem like tyranny. Controlling this window of what a “rebel” is at large is essential in American politics. We can’t shake that. We were founded on rebellion and the enlightenment’s intellectual rebellion from the old order in Europe. Right now, the Left firmly controls the framework of what a rebel is, ironically with the help of massive money interests. It is powerful and threatens the existence of the United States as we know it.

So long as this rebel complex is used as a bludgeon by the hand of international elites and their foot soldiers who buy into the myth, the United States lies within a massive identity crisis. The Left’s rebel myth is a farce at its core, and all it takes to see it is to look at who pulls strings and where the money flows. Follow the money, and it leads into the Left’s hands, whether they like it or not. They are not rebels. They are the foot soldiers of a new conception of America backed by the biggest money interests in the world.

And we, as patriots, must fight to preserve our nation from not annihilation but replacement at its very core; Replacement of everything we love with the whims of the Left. They will do all this while flying the banner of empty rebellion.